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Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to assist every student in achieving their full potential in school and beyond.

Live 60 min sessions

1-2-1 lesson with online tutor for personalised experience

Learning Approach

Enquiry based Reflective methodology for comprehensive results

International curriculum

Insight into your country specific curriculum to fulfil tutoring need

Inclusive Assessments

Monthly tests to review student’s learning outcomes

How we work

Parents make an inquiry at or whatsapp at +91-9560191777, our counsellor identifies and analyses the need for tuition; post that demo is conducted by the respective tutor. After the demo, and confirmation by parents and student; we go ahead with our Registration Process.

We provide: 60 min.1-2-1, individual lessons; engaging and interactive sessions; the latest methods of teaching; round the clock support.

Our Students

We have learners from all over the world, with exposure to varied interests, and cultures. iTutormind hosts vivid learners from multi-zones and specialties. Our inquisitive and enthusiastic learners dwell along with their tutors to enhance their coaching experience to overcome their shortcomings and improvise their scores.

Our Tutors

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think.” – Albert Einstein

We have a team of Experienced, Professional and Learned individuals with varied novel learning methodologies, and strategies.

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A student’s go-to blog for current events, discoveries, entertaining activities, exam preparation, and more.


With the help of our finest and most committed counsellors, you can become lifelong learners.

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