E-learning: A Novel Approach to Education

The New Approach to Learning In the beginning of year 2020, the world manuever it’s education system to online mode with the breakout in pandemic. We all witnessed the change in study pattern, and exposure of students to the plathora of information available at their finger tips. Kids from various age groups as little as … Read more

Face to Face Learning VS Online Learning

Why Online Learning is Better Than Face to Face Learning? Are you considering online learning? Well, it’s the right way to go! Online Learning is a great way to adapt comprehensive and quick learning methodologies, and it has many advantages over traditional face-to-face learning. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of online … Read more

How to Prepare Your Notes while Studying?

How to Prepare Your Notes while Studying? Reading your book and jotting down what you read is not the same as studying. Your notes should be prepared with maximum information, so that you can understand the subject better and remember it for a longer time. Let us go through how we can make study notes: … Read more

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